Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Friday 28th June - Day 5. CoRSU and Fort Portal

We spent the morning at CoRSU, starting with the ward round.  The complicated splint that I had made in theatre yesterday seemed to be OK, so that's good.  Then I had to assess a lady with with increased tone in her arm.  Needed to do a full muscle and sensory assessment, then made a splint, which was not easy, as her high tone kept making her hand close.  It has been a morning of difficult splints - that one, followed by a young lady with a 2 week old flexor tendon and median nerve injury, who was in so much pain that I could hardly touch her, then a tiny splint for a one year old who wouldn't give me her hand or stop crying! By this time it was 2pm, and I had missed lunch, but Christine found me some on the private ward. We had a memorable lunch, surprisingly consisting of rice, matoke and peas!   Vik, Woan-Yi, Alex and Andrew were in theatre operating on a mixture of birth anomalies and severe life threatening infection, after their ward round.

Then we were off to Fort Portal in Western Uganda for a weekend of fun.  It took 4 hours to drive there, and it was dark by the time we got there.  Being on the equator, it gets dark very quickly at around 7pm every evening throughout the year.  Here are some photos I took on the way there.

We had a fun evening with DJ Chan in charge of music - she's a natural.  A bit of singing and dancing with beer and wine.  We slept inside tents inside the house due to bugs!  Enormous moths amongst other things, but we felt safe tucked inside the tents!  There was no running water, and a short walk to the loo (which freaked Alex out with all the flies looking up at him from the 'pit')!


  1. Sounds like u r having an amazing time. Im Enjoying reading ur blog, Kay x

  2. Thanks Kay. So lovely to hear from people at home. Enjoy your time off work!