Sunday, 7 July 2013

Last day in Uganda. Sunday 7th July. Day 14. Market, badminton, swimming and Wimbledon history!

Another leisurely morning at the Hodges' house, reading in the sun and eating Rachel's amazing breakfast pancakes with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit.  Here is the view from Andrew and Sarah's patio.

We got taxis to the craft market in the centre of Kampala, where we bought lots of lovely African gifts.  And loads of stuff that we probably don't need.

We had a coffee whilst waiting for our taxis to pick us up again.  Vikram and Woan-Yi had a  'Lake Island' coffee - coffee, rum, lemon and coke!  Woan-Yi has spent the rest of the day feeling a bit 'squiffy', with rosy cheeks!

On the way back to the house, we took photos of the streets of Kampala:

We had a lovely lunch on the veranda at the Hodges', with the dogs under the table, waiting for scraps as usual.  
I played badminton with Joan (our neighbour in the guest house), then tried to teach Joan and Linda how to swim in the pool.

Then we went down to a bar and watched Wimbledon.  Tense and nerve racking followed by joy!  History has been made!  Can't believe it!

What a wonderful finale to our stay here. 

We would all like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Andrew and Sarah Hodges for making us so welcome in their house, for feeding us, driving us all over the place, and showing us around in Uganda.  A big thanks also to Naomi and Rachel Hodges (Andrew and Sarah's daughters), for being so lovely about us all completely invading their space!

It has been a truly exciting, chaotic, challenging, heart-warming, shocking, tiring, sad, eye-opening, brilliant trip.  I'm so glad I came, and now I am ready to go home, see my family and really appreciate everything I have there.


  1. We can't wait to have you home. We watched the match too. Very glad it was over in 3 sets, as I am not sure anyone would have coped with much more tension

  2. Wow what an amazing trip you have all had and what a difference you will have made to so many lives. Congrats to the whole team. Wish we were back in the UK to hear all the stories from Vikram! X X

  3. What a wonderful country and amazing mission outreach.