Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sunday 30th June. Day 7 - Lakes, lunch and Kagando

We leisurely got up at 8am, and packed up.  We went to another crater lake to see the monkeys there while Andrew and Sarah moved their bee hives, which has been an ongoing scary saga!
The lake we went to was lovely.  Vikram pretended to be Gollum from 'Lord of the Rings' on a rock by the lake! Hilarious - he could have been an actor.

There were loads of monkeys in the trees.

We met Andrew, Sarah and Naomi there, then went to yet another crater lake for a quick swim before lunch at a wonderful resort (Kyaninga).  We had not had a shower for ages, so we washed in the lake.

Lunch was delicious.  We then went separate ways - Vikram, Woan-Yi, Andrew and Naomi drove back to Kampala, whilst Sarah, Karen, Alex, Bex and I drove to Kagando hospital - in rural West Uganda, near the Rwenzori mountains.  Sarah gave us a quick tour of the hospital, before we had dinner, a bit of Ugandan TV and an early night in the hostel there.


  1. Amazing pictures and words. Glad to see you all had some time off at the weekend. Always thought Vikram was an expert driver!
    Everything good at Interface UKHQ

  2. Hi Del, thanks for your lovely comments. Now started driving a cat a meringue with Jackie and even managed to stall that too.. Hope all well with the four pawed and hairy love of my life...Glad all good at Interface UKHQ and love to all... x