Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday 5th July. Day 12. Last day at CoRSU.

Big African snail on my walk up the path to the Hodges' house this morning!  Here is a photo for you Gem!

It may have been the last day, but it was quite a busy one in the therapy department, and I didn't get time to do my last teaching session on hand assessment unfortunately.  It was more of the same - ward round, followed by treating a patient with a radial nerve injury and shoulder pain, then into splinting mode!  

Here are the amazing CoRSU physio's and occupational therapist:
Stanley, me, Florence, Fildah, Isaac, Musa and Christine.

The last patient had a 'spaghetti wrist' - all tendons, nerves and arteries cut through.  Woan-Yi had operated on Wednesday - a mammoth task whilst teaching Darius and Martin at the same time - it took 6 hours.  I splinted her with Isaac, and we went through the exercise regime.  He will carry on her rehabilitation next week.  
Vikram and Woan-Yi have been teaching Darius and Martin (the trainees) all morning.  

Martin brought in his own chicken and slaughtered it himself (not sure if this is true or not)!
They have been practising their suturing and microsurgery on the chicken vessels!

Martin and Darius were keen to learn from Vikram's lecture.

Woan-Yi took Vikram and I on an epic run after work - all downhill to begin with!  2 children joined us along the way - a girl and a boy.  They were probably around 10 years old.  The little girl did not have any shoes on.  I asked her if it hurt her feet, and she simply replied 'I haven't got any shoes.'

Sarah and Annette (her helper) have been preparing dinner for 20, along with Karen, Bex and Rachel's help - there are many guests coming round later......

Alex is preparing some contemporary classical music for the party!

And I'm obviously blogging as usual!  In my new dress that Christine (physio) kindly gave me today!  Signing out now for today, as guests are arriving!

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