Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Tuesday 9th July. Back home!

We spent the whole day yesterday returning home - We left for the airport at 6.15am, Ugandan time (4.15am here), and eventually arrived home at 9pm.  It was brilliant to see my family again.  The Devaraj's were extremely excited to see their dog, Dora.   I have spent most of today thinking about Uganda, and how clean and tidy everything looks here.  Felt guilty going to the supermarket and buying food - we have so much.  I think the biggest thing that we take for granted is going to the kitchen tap for a glass of water.

I have had a bit of feedback about the blog, and so I am going to try and tell you who everyone in it is, so that it's not so confusing to read!  I really did not think so many people would read it, which is wonderful, and no wonder you don't know many of the people I have been talking about!

The team from UK consisted of:
  • Vikram Devaraj - consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Royal Devon and Exeter hospital (RD&E).
  • Woan-Yi Chan - registrar in plastic and reconstructive surgery from RD&E.
  • Karen Devaraj - Vikram's wife and administrator for Interface Uganda.
  • Alex Devaraj - Karen and Vikram's son - medical student.
  • Bex Devaraj - Karen and Vikram's daughter - journalist.
  • Jackie Fowler (myself) - physiotherapist at RD&E, Interface Uganda fundraiser and website editor.
The Hodges live in Kampala:
  • Andrew Hodges - consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon at CoRSU hospital, Kampala.
  • Sarah Hodges - anaesthetist - soon to be working at CoRSU - she has just finished working at the International hospital in Kampala.
  • Andrew and Sarah have lived in Uganda for many years.  We met them when Andrew did his plastics and reconstructive surgery training at RD&E around 10 years ago.  They founded 'Interface Uganda' charity in 2001.
  • Naomi (21) and Rachel (16) - Andrew and Sarah's daughters.  They also have a son (Sam), but he was working in Kenya, so we did not see him.
  • Annette is their helper - she helps with meals, cleaning and washing.  She is a brilliant chef.
Staff at CoRSU:
  • Malcolm Simpson - CEO of CoRSU.
  • George Galliwango - plastic and reconstructive surgeon at CoRSU.  He came to RD&E for some training around 10 years ago, and Andrew was training him in Uganda.  He is now the first qualified Ugandan plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
  • Darius Balumuka and Martin Tungotyo - plastic and reconstructive surgery trainee surgeons.  Interface are helping with some of their training needs.
  • Christine Tusiime - head of physiotherapy at CoRSU.  She came to stay with us for 3 weeks in 2005, and spent time with the physio's at RD&E.
  • Stanley Lubega, Musa Kyanzi, Fildah Nakiganda - physiotherapists at CoRSU.
  • Florence - physio assistant at CoRSU.
  • Isaac Abor - Occupational Therapist (OT) at CoRSU.
Physiotherapist at Kagando hospital:
  • Ochom Kenneth Pascal.
Our neighbours at the guest house:
  • Resty, Francis, Joan and Linda.
I think that is everyone, but I can add to it if I find any more!


  1. these are quite some deatils...otherwise how are you and everybody back home?
    hoping they are all great otherwise we are so thankful for the time you spent with us en hoping one day we shall meet again.
    en a big thanks to all the interface team for the time they put and expertise, our donations and the knowledge you shared with us.

  2. Thanks Stanley. We are all well, and wondering how you all are! I've just done some talks about my experiences in Uganda today at Olivia and Gemma's school - showing them lots of photos about how different life is out in Uganda! They were amazed!
    I had such a brilliant time out there, and in CoRSU. I really appreciate all the time you spent with me, and hope that some of the hand therapy teaching and splinting will be helpful. Please contact me if you need any advice about any of the hand patients - I'll be checking my e-mails!
    Stay in touch, and hope to meet again one day.

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